Opening Thought

Let me first say welcome and thank you for getting this far.  I know you are asking WHY, why read another blog, journal or rant about anything these days?  Well good question, and honestly I can’t answer that for you, but I can offer my perspective on why I do it.  Because as our technology gets bigger and our world gets smaller we ALL become witnesses to history, but with rise in social media outlets such as twitter and facebook we find ourselves as random commentators on every subject that crosses our fingertips and bypasses our brains. No filters, No cares, just BOOM out there for the all the world to read (which I have struggled with myself).  I find this very issue happening in our built environment, we as architects, builders, designers and any fly by night person with a home depot credit card and a “at home” architect program are building, designing and (for lack of a better term) just slapping shit up without any filter, without any care.  I find myself an obscenely harsh critic of my profession, with those oh, so articulate architectural terms like “WTF”, “who gave that guy a license?” and “look at that utter crap”, that I felt it was time to clean up my act, become a bit more coherent in my criticisms and take it on the road.  So, here I am another witness of history providing you with my critical view on the built, the building and everything affecting the built environment.

(In full disclosure this was the opening post from my now defunct “posterous” blog, once twitter bought posterous they closed down the site and my blogs went into the ether – so I felt it was time to bring it back.  I’ll probably repost some oldies and some new).

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